About Us

Doug the Artist: alias Snidely Whiplash has a love for quality wood sculptures and finds the blending of quality wood and artistic expression particularly appealing. He has lived on the space coast of Florida in Brevard County for 36 years.

He is a highly capable artist, carver, and sculptor who uses an arsenal of different tools for his personal carvings including chainsaw, hammer and chisel, electric hand tools, and grinders.

He learned fine finish work in the automotive and aerospace industry. At the age of 16 he was sanding and painting cars during the summer months. By the age of 19 he was preparing and painting airplanes at a local Piper Aircraft Factory. By the age of 23 he had learned the art of building original fiberglass parts and making molds which require precision finish work for custom production of Corvette body parts.

For the following 27 years he worked for NASA subcontractors in the Space Shuttle Program as a Quality Assurance Inspector and Quality Engineer.

At the age of 49 he picked up a hammer and chisel and carved his first Tiki, and it was good. But, his love for wood vastly accelerated when he started carving the fish that he hunts (he loves fishing).

The combination of his vast knowledge and experience in the properties of wood and precision finishes combined with his expertise in quality control is reflected in the fine craftsmanship of his carvings.

His carvings sold faster than he could make them, so he decided to develop this website which offers his custom carvings and carving from around the world. “We have found sources from all over the world that produce the best varieties of different woods and the most detail in hand carved sculptures.”

His love for wood has driven him to find and deliver only the best quality carvings for the lowest prices, nearly anything you can imagine. We are constantly adding new items to this site and have access to the largest variety of wood carvings in the world. If you don’t see the carving that you are looking for on this site email us with you request, we can get it upon request, or maybe you would prefer Snidely to carve you anything that you need from a photograph or sketch. Try us for a price quote.

If you have a specific project or carving need, please give us call at 321-536-0754 or email us with your request

Snidely has been known to travel to far away places and spend a concerted amount of time to build Tiki Huts (see out Tiki Hut Page) and/or create his carvings on location.

For unique one of a kind carvings from simple to complex, please let us know and we will make every effort to meet your request. Satisfaction Guaranteed.

Appreciation of the finer things in life: The artist and sculptor (Snidely Whiplash) kicking back, smoking a fine cigar at Murdock’s Bistro in Downtown Cocoa Village. I love Florida for its laid back tropical island life style. “Carving Tikis and fish just comes naturally in a place like this.”

Here is the fish sculptor Snidely Whiplash displaying 3 of his early creations. Top and bottom fish are variations of Red Drum or Red Fish (carved from Florida Red Cedar). The center carving was a custom ordered Hog Snapper for one of my offshore fishing buddies (carved from Florida Cypress). Each scale was hand struck with a chisel. If colors are needed I use pigments in the epoxy coating so not to cover the beautiful and natural grain pattern of the wood. Call me for a one of a kind custom order. I can carve a fish to the exact dimensions of one that you have caught. Better than taxidermy with natural wood grain instead of paint. See our gallery for newer and better creations.