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Tiki in a box is a complete tiki hut roof structure in a kit form. The synthetic Dura-thatch covering is warrantied for 20 years against fading, loss of texture and waterproofing. The Dura-thatch is mounted to an aluminum frame that is powder coated to resemble Bamboo/wood and engineered to meet Florida’s stringent wind code of 130 mph. An automotive style push in fastener securely attaches the Dura-thatch to the frame without the use of tools. The all aluminum powder coated poles and frame along with the Durathatch make this product authentic in appearence but maintenance free. There is no fire hazard, no bugs, no rot, no meldew and no weather damage up to 150 mph. Roof Kit can be manufactured in half or quarters and bolts together. You can have a tiki hut completed in your back yard in 24 hours. Normally takes 4 weeks for delivery from our manufacturing facility. Note: All quoted prices are built with 1.5 diameter tubing. We carry additional sizes from 2.0 inch diameter up to 4inch diameter. Call for a quote.
Prices DO NOT include, shipping or installation. We can perform a site evaluation and give you a quote on installation.

Due to some folks preference to use timbers instead of verticle fauxboo poles, the price of the kit does not include the upright vertical poles. Installation prices based upon sales within Brevard, Seminole, Volusia, Orange, Oseola and Indian River Counties. (Florida)
We will build the kit to custom fit to your dock, patio, deck or newly poored slab.
Call or email us for additional photos, material samples, site evalutationa freight quote and current price quotes. 321-536-0754

Tiki Hut Roof Structures 8′ Round (6′ Frame)
10′ Round (8′ Frame)
12′ Round (10′ Frame)
8′ x 8′ Square (6’x6′ Frame)
10′ x 10′ Square (8’x8′ Frame)
12′ x 12′ Square (10’x10′ Frame)
Custom Sizes (Per foot)
Freestanding Tiki/Table with 4 Seats
With 8′ Tiki Hut (6′ Frame)
With 10′ Tiki Hut (8′ Frame)
With 12′ Tiki Hut (10′ Frame)
Fauxboo Posts
2″ OD x 1/8″ Wall x 7’6″
3-1/2″ OD x 1/8″ Wall x 7’6″
4″ OD x 1/8″ Wall x 7’6″
Gazebo Style Posts 7’6″
Fauxboo Bottom Receivers