Motion Tiki Bird and Wind Chime

Price : $32.99

We offer this CUTE Tiki Bird Motion and Wind Chime.
Hand crafted from a coconut husk this bird moves it’s head up and down, to and fro as the wind blows.
The bamboo at the bottom makes a soothing wind chime unlike many wind chimes on the market.
So you get a very cool lifelike bird and the relaxing hollow soothing sound of natural bamboo.

The total length from the hook at the top to the bottom of the wind catcher is approx. 40″ long and the cross bar for the head and wind catcher is approx. 17″ wide.

Limited supply and priced to sell. Will make an excellent gift or another conversation piece for your Tiki Hut, Bar, Porch. The perfect Tropical Decor.