We search all over the world to find the best quality decor for your home. We currently have carvings from Indonesia that are hand carved from some of the most beautiful woods cut from the jungle.

We also have some US/Hawaiian sculptures and some rare antiques. Our goal is to become the largest outlet with the best quality wood carvings, sculptures, and Tiki accessories in the world.

We offer custom sculpturing, one-of-a-kind made to order. Snidely can carve bears, Tikis, Native American Indians, Christian themes, and fish, just to name a few. We can carve it on site if you have a dead tree that you want to turn into a work of art. You can choose the wood, select any image or tell us what you want and Snidely can carve it for you. Size and details will determine the cost. Unfortunately, we are limited to Brevard County Florida for this service at this time. Try us for a custom quote.

We offer custom-built Tiki and/or Chiki Huts that are built to your request. We are currently building a 16′ x16′ model at our office in Brevard County, Florida and will have pictures available soon. Our Tiki Huts are entirely authentic, using only round pole construction and natural thatch roof. Our estimate will include plans with required Hurricane Code Approved Building Permit Fees, materials and labor. We carve Tiki totem faces into the Cypress Beams and offer other decor packages that will make your Tiki Hut the talk of your town. We also build custom Tiki Bars to go under your Tiki Hut. We also sell bamboo Tiki Bars if you would rather go “out of the box” with your bar. See our Tiki Bars.

My first Tiki was inspired by an old friend that I worked with 30 years ago. I picked up a hammer and chisel and carved my first Tiki. I had asked for my talents to be revealed, and so there was art. Let me carve one for you. You deserve a one of a kind. Send me a photo or a sketch and I will make it come to life.

Let us build you a Tiki Hut like this one or to your specifications. We can build a paradise in your own back yard. You can take a trip and never have to leave the farm. The Tiki lifestyle is the ultimate way to escape your stressful environment without having to go anywhere. Let us convert your house or you back yard into a Tiki Garden of a Tropical Paradise.